Suburban Cultural Educational Enrichment Program

Suburban Cultural Educational Enrichment Program

Valuable lessons about math and team work were learned!

C3 is proud to support Suzanne Miles and her volunteer efforts at SCEEP, the Suburban Cultural Educational Enrichment Program.   SCEEP currently hosts approximately 14 children from the 2nd grade in the Newark Public School system.

Each Thursday afternoon, the children meet with volunteer tutors/mentors such as Suzanne.   The volunteers assist the children with their homework, work on enrichment projects that help to increase reading and math skills, and also spend some time on arts and crafts.  The vision at SCEEP is to broaden both the horizons and the minds of the children that participate.

In February of this year, Suzanne helped to chaperone a field trip to a local bowling alley. It was a wonderful time and the students got a chance to put some of their classwork to use in a fun and enjoyable way.

Most of the children who participate in SCEEP are chosen because their teachers believe that a little extra attention and work can help to push them over the failing or near-failing mark. By tracking the SCEEP kids for years, research has proven that grades increase at least one letter (sometimes two) during the course of the school year. SCEEP represents a good chance for these children to break the trends of failure in urban schools.