Disaster Recovery Office Space

Disaster Recovery Office Space


In the event of a theft, fire, flood, hurricane or other disaster at the home office, C3 offers its clients the ability to place key employees in our Disaster Recovery Office Space to ensure that operations can continue uninterrupted. This space is physically located within the same safe, weather hardened data centers that we locate our core infrastructure in.

While everyone hopes that such space will never be needed, seasoned CEOs and business owners know that it is prudent to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best! Whatever your organization’s budget, C3 has an option that will help to ensure that your organization is ready to survive almost any disaster.

Shared Space, Shared Desk

Our most economic option consists of a shared desk within a shared office suite. Designed with the light user in mind, space is available on a first come, first served basis. A desk and chair are provided and each workspace includes highly available and redundant 110v power and premium internet connectivity.

Shared Space, Dedicated Desk

For clients who require guaranteed access to the disaster recovery center for an unlimited amount of time, C3 also offers a dedicated desk option within a shared office suite. Similar to the Shared Desk option above, a desk and chair are provided and each workspace includes the same highly redundant 110v power and premium internet connectivity. Because each desk is dedicated to a given client, those clients are invited to leave behind equipment such as laptops, PC’s, thin clients, monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers.

Private Office Suite

Our premium Disaster Recovery Office Suites are available in most any size and are custom built to order to meet each individual customer’s needs. They feature the same highly redundant 110v power as well as secure/controlled-access features. No furniture is included. For C3 cloud and co-location clients, a cross connect to our equipment provides seamless connectivity to your desktops, servers, data and applications. For other clients, premium internet connectivity and/or private transport can be linked to the space.

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