Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud


Designed for companies that require a virtualized private data center, the C3 Enterprise Cloud Suite offers nearly endless configuration options, the highest performance and reliability, and the tightest security. All systems are powered by VMware vSphere and vCloud Director technologies, far and away the industry’s most trusted virtualization platform. Servers, Storage, and Networking are provided exclusively by Cisco Systems and HP.

Business Advantages

Forever eliminate the need to purchase, monitor and maintain expensive physical servers by moving workloads to the C3 Enterprise Cloud. Microsoft Windows, Linux and BSD options available. Quickly and easily support major applications such as Exchange Server, SharePoint, IIS, Apache, Citrix, and many others. Scale up or scale out options available for database engines such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

Virtual Desktops

The promise of a Virtual Desktop is that it allows access to your data and applications from anywhere, at any time, from almost any device – and they deliver on this promise. From nearly any internet connection, including WiFi and the latest 4G cellular networks, users can connect to their desktops at any time. Device support includes PCs, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, and others.

Enterprise Storage

Each C3 data center is equipped with multiple 8gbps fiber channel based Storage Area Networks (SANs), each with multiple paths back to every physical host thus ensuring the maximum performance and uptime. Enterprise Storage is used for most servers and virtual desktops and offers the fastest response time and highest disk I/O throughput.

Archival Storage

Designed for clients which need to storage large amounts of infrequently accessed data, the Archival Storage service provides a lower cost alternative to traditional Enterprise Storage. Redundancy and high availability is not compromised, however response times and disk I/O throughput are not comparable to the higher speed Enterprise Storage offering.

Multiple Data Centers

C3 currently operates data centers in both FL and NYC. Clients can place systems in either facility, or for maximum protection, can even utilize both facilities. A third facility located in NV is currently planned for Spring 2013. All data centers feature redundant power and cooling, stringent biometric security, and world class connectivity.

Cloud Based Voice/PBX

In addition to virtual servers, desktops, storage and networking, C3 also offers a comprehensive suite of Hosted Voice/PBX services as well. To learn more about Cloud based Voice/PBX options, Click here…

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Software Rentals

C3 offers over 175 individual SKUs of Microsoft Server and Application software for monthly rental. Depending upon the particular software package, there are per server, per core (vCPU), and per user licensing models available. Software Rental is a great fit for companies which need continuous access to the latest versions as well as those that require the monthly flexibility to scale up or down as business conditions dictate.

Co-Location Options

Clients which have servers or other physical devices that cannot be virtualized can still maximize the security and availability of these devices by placing them in the same data centers that C3 occupies. These devices will then be securely networked together with your virtual private data center.